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When Looking for Professional DJ Services in Vaughan, Look for a Company that Offers Attention to Detail

Finding Professional DJ Services in Vaughan


A great DJ can transform a special occasion into one that is delightfully memorable for years to come. A great DJ knows how to interact with a crowd, get everyone involved and make the music mix flow seamlessly. A great DJ knows when to engage an audience with an electric personality or when to stay in the back ground, keeping everything moving smoothly. If you are looking for professional DJ services in Vaughan, look for a company that has a selection of experienced DJs to choose from.


Setting the Tone with Music


Nothing sets the tone of an event more than the right music playlist. Whether it’s classic rock, funky jazz or new country, each genre can set a particular mood. Special events require special attention to the mood of the room, the kind of special attention a professional DJ can bring to the table. DJs are a terrific addition at so many kinds of events:

  • weddings
  • fashion shows
  • high school dances
  • birthday celebrations
  • retirement parties
  • graduations
  • charitable fundraisers
  • award shows
  • corporate trade shows


A good disk jockey will have extensive music knowledge and be able to read a room. They should know when to rock the house and when to keep the music soft, allowing for conversation and personal interactions.


Digital X Entertainment


Digital X Entertainment, based out of Vaughan, Ontario, has a wide selection of experienced DJs to choose from. They are one of the few companies that allow potential customers to check out their DJs at live events; to see if their personal style matches the upcoming event being planned. Digital X Entertainment prides themselves on attention to detail, customer satisfaction and making sure everyone has a good time- no matter what age or cultural back ground. They are proud members of the Canadian Professional Disk Jockey Association and are certified by the audio visual licensing company Connect Music Licencing which allows them to legally access over 30,000 songs. They have state-of–the-art equipment and can set up a venue with total sound control.


More than Making Great Music


Digital X Entertainment DJs can get everyone up on the dance floor to rock the night away or play the perfect tune to launch a new product; in addition to many other skills and services.  Their DJs are also seasoned emcees, with voices and expertise to keep things on track. 




Lighting also plays an important part in any event or celebration and often music and lighting work together to create an inviting atmosphere. A "blah” room can be transformed into something spectacular with a gorgeous colour palate. Wireless LED up lights, placed around the perimeter of the room can be programed to illuminate ceilings and walls with every hue imaginable. Pin lights project beams of light, focusing attention on special details such as product displays or bouquets of flowers. Some companies can also provide a photo booth, with high quality instant photos to remember a special day.


When looking for professional DJ services in Vaughan, look for a company that listens to what you want and is able to fulfill your requests. A company like Digital X Entertainment can bring the right music, lights and personality to make any event a day to remember. 
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